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New Worlds New Worlds

Rated 4 / 5 stars

In photoshop you can just use a marquee on a texture then go filter>spherize, which would be faster than using 3D software

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YakovlevArt responds:

hehe I know. But I wanted to use 3d because I'm teaching myself. So I made the 3d model first then decided how to bring it to life in PS.

Among The Clouds Among The Clouds

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Nice greens. Your texturing is decent but I would recommend only use 2-4 shades of green per tree or patch of grass. You can use a different 2-4 shades for a different leafy object, but I've noticed real-life trees and grass have distinct light and dark areas with no need for much in between. https://cookingintongues.files.wordpress.com/2014/02/balestrand-2-2.jpg

Zooloo75 responds:

Thanks for the advice!

Are you asking for a Challenge? Are you asking for a Challenge?

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Stinkoman is such a great game with a lot of variety, I go back to it once every couple years.

ScepterDPinoy responds:

Minus stealing powerup weapons from bosses except boss 3.

Stephanie Stephanie

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I think you clicked a checkbox saying to not submit this one to the art portal. You need 4 portal-eligible paintings, so if you edit this and make it art portal eligible then I can scout you (so then you can finally submit stuff to the ACTUAL portal). Let me know

Exirry responds:

Hi, I fixed it. Nice assertive Fluttershy BTW

Gift Gift

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

A little unrefined (especially the primary colours) but REALLY good style and shading

Stick clan: the Ministry Stick clan: the Ministry

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Fantastic art but at least post the link to the background since it's clearly a photo you didn't take.

C3WhiteRose responds:

Im sorry, I tried to find the author, but i dont remember...
I will try find the author again

Phasma paint practice Phasma paint practice

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

Thanks for mentioning that you traced and it's fine to trace stuff for practice but don't post it publicly please! We expect to see your actual artistic skill here

Free man Free man

Rated 1 / 5 stars

You just took a screenshot and threw a photoshop filter on it. I can still see the polygons on the gravity gun.

i think i'm starting to like where this is going on i think i'm starting to like where this is going on

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Hot damn those daring and complicated colours

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The Prestige The Prestige

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

Looks a lot like one of the several styles Penny Arcade has used, did you draw for Penny Arcade at some point?
The thing is it's even less funny. Why would you even waste time trying to make comedy comics when you haven't got a single funny thing to say? Your jokes were absolute fossils the first 15 times I saw them elsewhere in my life.